Midterm Exam I for CS 359T (Mobile Computing and Wireless Network)

Time: March 05 (Monday)

Required Materials


Sample Exam Questions

The exam will cover the basic knowledge and what you need to know about mobile computing; I won't give questions that test some obscure topics. If you have read all the Required Papers and understood them, you will be doing good in the exam and you don't need to prepare.

Here are some sample questions and some also include answers.

If it is a straightforward answer (like the first question), you answer it in a straightforward way. If the question requires explanation, what I am looking for is an “elevator answer”. Remember people always tell you that you should always be prepared to give an “elevator talk” of your work, so that you can explain to somebody during an elevator ride from the conference floor to your hotel room floor (which takes about 1 minute)? You should do the same thing here. If you are waiting on the elevator and run into a potential employer, who happens to overhear the term “vertical handoff” and wants to ask you about it, you must be able to explain in 5 sentences -- what it is and why it matters -- to show that you know this field. So in this exam, I am expecting the same -- please construct you answers precisely and concisely, and use no more than 5 sentences.
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