Lecture 13: Mobile Data Management

March 23, 2001


Lecture Notes:


Papers (Required)

  1. E. Pitoura and B. Bhargava, "Data Consistency in Intermittently Connected Distributed Systems," IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 6, (Nov/Dec 1999), pp. 896-915.
  2. M. Dunham, A. Helal, and S. Balakrishnan, "A Mobile Transaction Model That Captures Both the Data and Movement Behavior," ACM/Baltzer MONET Journal, Vol 2, 1997, pp. 149-162.

Other References (Recommended)

  1. M. Dunham and V. Kumar, "Location dependent data and its management in mobile databases," Proceedings of 9th Int'l Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, 1998, pp. 414-419.


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