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If you decide to buy a laptop for use in graduate students, you probably shouldn't go below this: Pentium-II/400 or Celleron/500, 64MB RAM, and 4G HD. A PCMCIA ethernet card (10baseT) is a must -- you can install Linux through the network and it may save your day when the wireless network somehow goes down. You don't need a CDROM -- you will find little use for it, and you can mount one over the network or borrow a portable one when you need to. IBM makes a full line of a decent laptops -- to start, you can check out IBM Thinkpad i series (e.g., Thinkpad i-1211, which goes as low as $900). Sony also makes some very good looking ones.

If you go to some surplus stores (like, you may find some very obsoleted laptops. For example, scroll down this page you can find some in $300-$500 range. They are solid machines (specially IBM ones), but just too outdated and way too slow - usually like Pentium/133 and 32MB RAM.

Wireless LAN

I'll try to get the department to lent you a wireless LAN card, but the supplies will be limited. If you decide to buy a laptop, you may as well buy a wireless card, so you can still have wireless access after this course is over.

The wireless LAN infrastructure in ACES and TAY is 802.11b (11Mbps). Here are a few recommended cards:

Wireless basestation. Once you get the card, you may be thinking about setting up a basestation at home, especially if you have DSL/cable modem. Basestation is getting cheap too. Here is one:

Well, you can set up wireless access for all your friends in your apartment complex and share a superfast DSL line (if you can find a way to charge them)!

Off Campus Access

Some pages or materials in this site are limited to UT network only. To gain access from off-campus, you can use the UT Library proxy.

Power Point Files

In case you don't have Power Point software in your PC to read the powerpoint slides from this web site, you can download the PowerPoint Viewer.