Project Procedure

  1. Feb 16 - Feb 26: Develop ideas, form project teams, build project web site.

    This stage is to come up with an idea for the project you want to do and form a project team (1-3 students).

    If you already have a clear idea, you can start writing the proposal, post it, and recruit other students to join your team. If you have a less clear idea, you may want to meet with other students and brainstorm a project idea.

    Once you have formed your idea and your team, you should begin to build a project web site. At this stage the web site should include what is essentially a prelimary project proposal:

    Once you set up the web site, send email to the instructor with the URL. During the course of the project, you will keep adding to the web site any refinements, status, documentation, software code, demonstrations, and final report, etc.


  2. Feb 26 - Mar 5: Finalize project proposal.

    This stage is to refine your ideas and lock on the project goal.

    During this period, you should schedule to meet with the instructor at least once to discuss the project and determine that whether this project is appropriate (not too simple and not too hard). You will then need to revise it accordingly.

    At this time, you should also plan for the project carefully. For example, you can try to break the projects into smaller tasks and set some deadline accordingly (so you won't wait till 2 weeks before the final week to start). You should also have some good idea on how to divide the tasks among the team members.

    You should also review your project web site to finalize what is essentially the project proposal. At the minimum, you should add the following sections:


  3. Mar 5 - Apr 30: Work on it.

    You have 7 weeks (plus the spring break) to produce a working protoype and solid results.

    During this period, you should schedule to meet with the instructor at least twice to discuss your project progress. Note: the review meeting dates in milestones below are to ensure that your project is on schedule. You should not treat them as "due dates" -- start earlier and have the meetings well ahead of time.

    During the project, you should constantly update your project web site to add status, progress, etc. At the end of this stage, you should upload everything you have done to the web site, including the following:


  4. Apr 30 - May 4: Final Report.

    Your final report should be a technical description of your system, and should cover the following points:

    The report should be approximately 6 to 10 pages. For good examples of mobile systems papers, see recent proceedings from ACM MobiCOM and the several USENIX Symposiums.

    Finally, you need to complete the project web site. At the minimum, you should add the following:

    This site should remain available after the semester is over, so if you are graduating and there is a problem due to disk space, we will arrange to have your site archive elsewhere.


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