UT Austin Villa's video from The First RoboCup American Open

(Thanks to Yia Hang for doing most of the filming!)
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[VID] JR_league.mpg 30-May-2003 16:24 97M [VID] cmu_vs_gatech.mpg 30-May-2003 16:14 191M [VID] cmu_vs_upenn.mpg 30-May-2003 16:23 119M [VID] gatech_vs_upenn.mpg 30-May-2003 16:18 174M [VID] intro_stuff.mpg 30-May-2003 16:25 18M [VID] ut-metrobots-challenges.mpg 30-May-2003 16:25 95M [VID] ut_vs_metrobots.mpg 30-May-2003 16:22 128M [VID] ut_vs_gatech.mpg 30-May-2003 16:19 169M [VID] ut_vs_mexico.mpg 30-May-2003 16:10 242M [VID] ut_vs_upenn.mpg 30-May-2003 16:16 186M [VID] uw_vs_chile.mpg 30-May-2003 16:21 166M [VID] uw_vs_gatech.mpg 30-May-2003 16:13 231M