1209   Why American Computing Science seems incurable

Austin, 26 August. 1995. 6 pages.

How anti-intellectualism, a-mathematicism, and "industrial acceptance" poison Computing Science.


1217   Comments on a Review of the Department

Austin, 28 September. 1995. 5 pages.

Dijkstra disagrees with UT's Review of his CS department, and the rule that only US citizens can be chairs. Switching to "industrial applications" would be a defilement of the university's role in solving the Scientific problems of computing. Such a change would result in mediocrity, and Dijkstra chooses to "ignore the Review."


1251   Two problems derived from Hugo Steinhaus

Austin, 25 November. 1996. 6 pages.

Two proofs:


1261  The angle bisectors of a triangle

Austin, 17 April. 1997. 4 pages.

Derivations of the formula for the lenghts of the angle bisectors of a triangle.