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These folks provided initiative and assistance which was essential to the project:

    • Krzysztof R. Apt tracked down Mathematical Centre reports and other early Dijkstra documents at CWI Amsterdam, and sent them to Austin for scanning.
    • Wim H.J. Feijen provided the master list of EWD manuscripts on which this collection is based. He also collected, and sent to Austin, many of the early originals.
    • Rajeev Joshi devised the first version of the BibTeX index.
    • Stephen W. Keckler initiated the scanning project, and was a highly dependable source of support and encouragement along the way.
    • Jayadev Misra got the whole show under way, and kept it going through thick and thin.

These folks answered the call for volunteers to inspect the PDFs and report deficiencies:

    Krzysztof R. Apt
    Lex Bijlsma
    Wim H.J. Feijen
    Rob R. Hoogerwoord
    Rajeev Joshi
    Stephen W. Keckler
    Pam Lawhead
    Jayadev Misra
    Speedway Copy
      Scanned over 7700 pages of manuscripts into TIFF and PDF files, at very reasonable rates.
    Andy Wood
      His Perl script Bibmarkup translates BibTeX indexes into HTML.

Revised Wed, 23 Jun 2004