Adithya Arunganesh

Contact Information

Phone #: 469-509-5655

About Me

Hi my name is Adithya Arunganesh. I am a currently a sophmore student at the University of Texas at Austin studying computer science. I have experience in coding in Java, C, C++ and Python. I look to take on many projects in the future as well as getting a chance to get an internship. Some of my hobbies are to play basketball, play piano, and watch anime.


Resume(do not have CV at the moment)


SoundCloud Bot

For this project, I created a small little bot in Java that would take in any SoundCloud link as its input and provide it with a request number of streams.

SoundCloud Bot

Mission Prototype Project ISM

For this project, I created narrative mission prototypes in a scripting program known as Twine that basically outputted an html file where you can have a "choose your own story" adventure based on the choices you select. In a video game development setting, this is what game designers would send to programmers for storyboarding.

Mission Prototype