Amanda Raybuck ======================================================================================== Amanda Raybuck [**CV**](cv.pdf) **Contact:**
Department of Computer Science
The University of Texas at Austin
2317 Speedway, Stop D9500
Austin, TX 78712
About Me ======================================================================================== I am a PhD student at [UT Austin]( advised by [Simon Peter]( since August 2017. My research interests are primarly in operating systems, particularly in the management of memory in the face of new memory technologies such as NVM and disaggregated memory. Prior to starting at UTCS, I earned my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Publications ======================================================================================== - **HeMem: Scalable Tiered Memory Management for Big Data Applications and Real NVM** (SOSP'21)
**Amanda Raybuck**, Tim Stamler, Wei Zhang, Mattan Erez, and Simon Peter
[PDF]( ○ [Talk]( ○ [Code]( - **Demikernel Datapath OS Architecture for Microsecond-scale Datacenter Systems** (SOSP'21)
Irene Zhang, **Amanda Raybuck**, Pratyush Patel, Kirk Olynyk, Jacob Nelson, Omar S. Navarro Leija, Ashlie Martinez, Jing Liu, Anna Kornfeld Simpson, Sujay Jayakar, Pedro Henrique Penna, Max Demoulin, Piali Choudhury, and Anirudh Badam
[PDF]( ○ [Talk]( ○ [Code]( - **I'm Not Dead Yet! The Role of the Operating System in a Kernel-Bypass Era** (HotOS'19)
Irene Zhang, Jing Liu, **Amanda Austin**, Michael Lowell Roberts, and Anirudh Badam