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I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. My advisor is Dr William Cook.

My main research area is domain-specific languages and model-driven engineering. I am particularly interested in the problem of composing DSLs (and models) to create a reusable library of languages. I have also worked extensively on program differencing and dynamic program analysis.

I am currently working on Enso, a self-describing language workbench based on model interpretation.

Before I was a graduate student, I spent many years as a software engineer, mostly in the military simulation domain modeling tanks, artillery, battleships and Lanchester's equations. Outside of computer science, I am an active Toastmaster and a former national youth Bridge player.


I am currently developing the language workbench Enso.


Tijs van der Storm, William Cook and Alex Loh. Object Grammars: Compositional & Bidirectional Mapping Between Text and Graphs. SLE 2012.

Alex Loh, Tijs van der Storm, and William Cook. Managed Data: Modular Strategies for Data Abstraction. Onward!/SPLASH 2012.

Alex Loh, Miryung Kim. LSdiff: a program differencing tool to identify systematic structural differences. ICSE (2) 2010: 263-266

Miryung Kim, Matthew Gee, Alex Loh, Napol Rachatasumrit. Ref-Finder: a refactoring reconstruction tool based on logic query templates. SIGSOFT FSE 2010: 371-372


I served as TA for the following classes:
2010 Fall-2011 Spring --- CS373 Software Engineering (Glenn Downing)
2011 Fall --- CS345 Programming Languages (William Cook)
2012 Spring --- CS392F Software Development
2012 Fall --- CS386L Grauate Programming Languages


Available upon request.


Alex Loh
University of Texas at Austin
ACES 5SEi3C, at 24th & Speedway
Email: alexloh@cs.utexas.edu
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