About Me

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Who I Am

My name is Aly Abdulatif. I am an Egyptian international student at the University of Texas at Austin studying Computer Science. I want to leave my mark on this field through my passion for building and breaking programs. Check out my resume!

My main concern about the future of computer science is the direction we are headed in regards to privacy. My mission is to contribute to improving the freedom and privacy of users and grow my skills in the process.


My interests in Computer Science largely fall under the information security umbrella with things like Cryptography, Web Exploitation, Binary Exploitation, and Reverse Engineering. I like solving and writing challenges for CTFs and I enjoy attending and contributing as much as I can to UT's ISSS club meetings.

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Outside of CompSci, I am really into martial arts. I regularly compete in judo. I also practice BJJ and wrestling at Revolution Dojo. I like FPS games and my favorite bands are Imagine Dragons and Glass Animals.


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