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Considering myself a forever student, I am someone who is always searching to learn new skills
to expand my horizon. I’m a charismatic leader who is unafraid to step beyond my comfort zone to
explore unfamiliar fields, whether it be tackling a difficult project in a new programming language,
studying Arabic abroad, or participating in a Hackathon. I am a rising Junior studying
computer science with a business minor at the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Terminal
  • Ipsum
  • Brackets

One of my hobbies:

I am a member of Waitlisters: a hackathon group made up of 12 University of Texas Students. Together we have won over 20 awards at Hackathons.

One of my passions:

Despite majoring in computer science, I still find time to encourperate art in my current projects. I've created graphics for multiple projects, even recieving awards for best UI.

One of my Organizations:

I joined ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) the fall semester of my sophmore year. Currently, I am now the Webmaster Senior Officer for the club.

Coursework Expierence

Here is a list of the courses I have completed or am in the process of completing.
Furthermore, a class overview and programming languages used will be listed

  • Data Structures

    Learn how to use and impliment data structures. Testing, data abstraction, algorithm analysis and object oriented concepts were also covered. The course was taught in Java.

  • Discrete Mathematics

    Covered mathmatical concepts needed to succeed in Computer Science. Proofs, predicate logic, Graph Theory, Sets and Functions, Induction, Recurrances and Big-O were covered.

  • Linear Alegebra, Probability and Statistics, and Calculus

    Various math classes I've taken to provide a solid mathmatical foundation.

  • Computer Architecture

    This course taught how a computer works on a low level of abstraction and it covered how high level languages are broken down for the hardware to execute. Used C and X86-46 Assembly.

  • Software Engineering

    Cover tools needed to be a succesful software engineer. This includes: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, Python, Flask, SQL, and many more. Students also covered how to make automated builds with unit testing.

  • iOS Mobile Computing

    The class is focused on developing applications for the iOS operating system. Topics include the Xcode development environment, the Swift language, user interfaces, maps, audio, networking, graphics, data storage, and localization.

Connect With Me

Want to see more? My resume is availabe for viewing/download and my Github, Gitlab, and LinkedIn are linked to their corresponding icons. If wishing to contact me please press either the mail icon or “Contact Me” button to email me.