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CS109: Ethical Foundations of Computer Science

Dr. Sarah Abraham
Dr. Alison N. Norman

Schedule for Spring 2018

This schedule, and the links contained in it, are subject to change during the semester.

Readings and other supplemental materials are linked from the schedule. All reading assignments are required and are expected to be completed before class on that day.





(to be completed before class)

  Jan 16 Introduction & Themes Watch Being Your Best Self, Parts 1-4
(Make sure you click through to parts 2-4!)
  Jan 23 Academic Ethics and Integrity Watch Overconfidence Bias and Loss Aversion
Bring your name tent to class
Blog Post #1 due
  Jan 30 Judgmental Behavior Watch Framing, Fundamental Attribution Error,
and Representation
Blog Post #2 due

  Feb 6 Behavior in a Group
Watch Causing Harm and Conformity Bias
Blog Post #3 due
  Feb 13 Welcoming Environments
Watch Self-Serving Bias and Moral Muteness
Blog Post #4 due
  Feb 20 Class Canceled---Go to the Career Fair!
  Feb 27 Behavior as an Employee
Watch Bounded Ethicality, Incentive Gaming, and
Obedience to Authority
Blog Post #5 due

  Mar 6 Behavior When in Authority Watch Conflict of Interest and Ethical Leadership, Parts 1 and 2!
Blog Post #6 due
Spring Break!
  Mar 20 Ethics of Profit Watch Legal Rights & Ethical Responsibilities
Blog Post #7 due
  Mar 27 Intellectual Property
Watch Appropriation & Attribution
Blog Post #8 due

  Apr 3 Privacy Blog Post #9 due
  Apr 10 Knowledge is Power Watch Role Morality
Blog Post #10 due
  Apr 17 Software Use and Effects Watch Ethical Fading and Incrementalism
Blog Post #11 due
  Apr 24 Games and Gamification Watch Tangible & Abstract
Blog Post #12 due

  May 1 Things to Consider Watch Moral Equilibrium and Moral Imagination
Blog Post #13 due