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CS439 Code of Conduct

  1. Be respectful

    Be respectful to each other and course staff in any and all interactions: in class, in the lab, on Piazza, on Facebook, and anywhere else interactions occur. Remember that your fellow students are your future colleagues and maintain a professional and inclusive environment.

  2. Be considerate

    Consider the feelings and concerns of others as you plan your words and actions. Assume that those around you are well-meaning and sincere, and ask after the well-being of your classmates and team members regularly. Remember to use please and thank you for all requests, including those to classmates and the course staff. In group settings, allow all voices to be heard and be certain to contribute yours---no one person should be responsible for the group.

  3. Collaborate

    Open discussion of course concepts is the best way to learn them. Discuss ideas and designs, discuss homework problems, and form study groups for the tests. Remember that everyone in the course is capable, but that everyone has a varied background, and so everyone has a different knowledge base.

  4. Have integrity

    The work you do as a student prepares you to make good decisions and do good work for the rest of your life. It is important, then, that your work is your own. Remember that your actions affect others---should you choose to claim someone else's work as your own, it affects everyone around you. Be certain to stand for what is right and not for what is easy and/or cheap. Safety first. Liveness second.

  5. Do your best

    Start all projects and homeworks early. Begin studying for the exam early. Keep up with the course material---ask questions and attend office hours when you have a misunderstanding. Procrastination may be good for your current self, but it hurts your future self immeasurably.