CS439 Grading Criteria

This sheet serves two purposes. First, it is an attempt to standardize the grading of TAs and proctors and to minimize differences between graders. A given program should receive the same grade regardless of who grades it. Second, this guide can serve as a checklist so students can self-evaluate programs. When you turn a program in have you meet all of the following criteria? If not, do not be surprised when the grader takes points off. Assignments are mostly for learning, but we do want to provide an evaluation on how well you did to aid in your learning.

If you turn in a project with an incorrect name, you will not receive a grade for that project.

Assignments are worth 100 points. The point breakdown is as follows:

***For Project 0, the breakdown changes to: Test Cases (60%), Documentation (10%), and Design (30%). The descriptions of each category remain the same.***

Adapted from grading criteria by Jim Greenlee and Mike Scott (who adapted from Hal Perkins of UW).