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Hour of Code Volunteer Resources

Updated 12/2/2023

Volunteer Positions

Are you still considering volunteering? Jump on in! View the volunteer guide of each position to guide your choice.

Training Resources

Leading (or helping with) Hour of Code is fun and only requires a little bit of preparation! The most important thing to remember is that we are there to introduce ourselves and computer science---so be certain to start with an introduction to computer science and then allow each volunteer to introduce themselves.

Below, you'll find materials to help you prepare!

Sample Lesson Transcript

Video lessons that address common situations:

And finally, Outtakes!

Videos 2-4 are missing since UT decided to delete alumni utexas accounts. We are working to find and re-upload the originals.


Code.org provides many lessons, and the Hour of Code organizing committee has evaluated many of them. From that effort, we found some that we recommend: UTCS Hour of Code Recommended Lessons

Please pay careful attention to the recommended age range!

If you are presenting a lesson that does not begin with a video, here is a 5-minute video (so maybe a little long), Computer Science is Changing Everything.

Additionally, we have some prepared (and usable) slides explaining common CS problems---you can use these to interest older students who finish early. The slides have corresponding videos, but use those just to prepare yourself. In class, explain the problem in person.

Dining Philosophers (video)

Handshake Lemma (video)

N-Gram Language Modeling (video)

The Generals' Paradox (video)