Hello! My name is Ansh Morajé and I'm majoring in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin with a minor in Business. I love coding in addition to finance. In my free time I love working out, riding my motorcycle, and playing chess.


My Programming Languages:

  • Java Proficient
  • Python Proficient
  • Node JS Basic Knowledge
  • HTML Basic Knowledge
  • Javascript Basic Knowledge


  • Zebra Technologies

    Software Engineering Intern

    May 2022 - Present
    Implemented an Android application using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose to provide clients with better battery tracking data. Refined an Android application that allowed clients to track the quantity of damaged goods and the money lost. Provided training to internal users in addition to writing technical system documents and brief user guides.
  • UT Austin

    Academic Mentor

    March 2022 - Present
    Led weekly seminars to guide first year CS students through classes, recruiting, and professional development. Helped students learn various Computer Science topics including Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics. Aided in redesigning the semester curriculum in order to better suit the needs of first year CS students.
  • Self Employed

    Computer Science / Math Tutor

    January 2021 - Present
    Designed lesson plans for students to teach them the fundamentals of programming in Python and Java. Taught students college level mathematical concepts such as multivariable calculus and linear algebra. Mentored students on several personal projects including web application and game development projects.
  • Capital One

    Software Engineering Summit Intern

    May 2022
    Development sessions on iOS, Full Stack Web Applications, React JS, Arduino, Snapchat Lens Studio, and Git. Utilized the News API to create an IOS app that displays current news. Created a full stack web application that helps teens and young adults become more financially literate.
  • Varyn Inc.

    Game Development Intern

    August 2020 - August 2021
    Developed multiple games alongside the engineering team and published them on schedule and under budget. Focused on the physics and user controls of the game in addition to collision detection using the Tween JS Library. Implemented over 50 unit tests for developed games using the Jest framework created by Facebook.


  • Financial Lingo

    Created using: ReactJS, ApexCharts.js, MongoDB, HTML, CSS

    Created a web application that helps teenagers and young adults become more financially literate. The web application allows users to monitor their spending and budgeting, in addition to providing users suggestions for investing depending on their risk and return desires.

  • Duck Duck Code

    Created using: Node JS, MongoDB, Bcrypt, Passport.js, EJS, CSS

    Launched a web application that was a coding education website that provides students with simple Python or Java exercises to practice programming basics. The website allowed teachers to create their own exercises and quizzes for students, so they could tailor the content to their cirriculum.

  • BCA GPA 4.0

    Created using: Javascript, HTML, CSS

    Published a chrome extension that scrapes data off the PowerSchool website using Javascript to then calculate and display students' GPAs. Furthermore, the extension allowed students to input hypothetical grades in order to see how it would affect their GPA.