Ashray Desai | (512) 669 3927

About me

Hi! I'm Ashray, a third-year Computer Science student at the University of Texas at Austin and Software Engineering Intern at Experian. I became interested in technology and software development in 8th grade, when I developed two video games that were accessible by kids with disabilities. After many subsequent years of coding and learning, my goal remains to develop products that create safety and ease for people with disabilities, whether I'm doing full stack development or machine learning work.

Previous Works

I have worked on numerous technical projects, gaining experience in software development and engineering as well as machine learning. I recently worked on MedView, a website to demystify the world of healthcare by showing which health institutions near you accept your health insurance quickly. I was also a software developer on QuickFit, an app to automate clothing fitting in large scale clothing stores.

I have also developed an XGBoost Machine Learning model to predict a molecule's effectiveness to neutralize Sars-cov-2 and am devloping a model to help self-driving cars predict the exact position and orientation of nearby objects with much more accuracy.

Code and more information can be found at my GitHub link below.


My GitHub