Addy Kim

3rd year Computer Science Major at the University of Texas

In my spare time I develop for Android and practice wushu.
I am involved with Texas Wushu and Lambda Alpha Nu, the computer science co-ed fraternity.

Cat Viewer

My first Android app developed in Android Studio.
This app displays the top cat images from Imgur using Picasso and Imgur's API.
Through this app I learned how to implement a class that extends AsyncTask to parse a JSONObject.
I have future plans to have a functioning share button.

Click here to see the Github repository for this project.

Cat Viewer in Action

Ice Cream Fitness

This project was inspired by the StrongLifts Android app.
I liked the clean and simple UI but wanted to be able to do the Ice Cream Fitness work out without having to paying for the add-ons.
From this project I was able to play around with Linear layouts and opening, multiple activities, and settings menus.
I am currently trying to implement a drop down timer after every set,
Future plans for this app include: having customizable workouts, graphs and charts to record progress, and getting published on Google play.

Click here to see github repository for this project.

Ice Cream Fitness Starting Activity