I. Beltagy

I am a computer science Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. I work on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, with focus on using probabilistic logic as a semantic representation that combines logical and distributional representations. My advisors are Ray Mooney and Katrin Erk.

I am on the job market for NLP academic and industry research positions. CV, Research Statement, Teaching Statement

Awarded The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School Dissertation Writing Fellowship, Spring 2016.

I was at Microsoft Research for an internship during summer 2015.

LinkedIn: my LinkedIn page.

Email: lastname AT cs.utexas.edu

Publications: My publications are in Google Scholar and my profile at the AI Lab.

Resources: A dataset of lexical entailment rules extracted from RTE dataset ( https://github.com/ibeltagy/rrr )

Academic Services: Reviewing for *SEM-2015, EMNLP-2015, ACL-2016, *SEM-2016, EMNLP-2016