I. Beltagy

I am a computer science Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. I work on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, with focus on using probabilistic logic as a semantic representation that combines logical and distributional representations. My advisors are Ray Mooney and Katrin Erk.

CV, Research Statement, Teaching Statement

Awarded The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School Dissertation Writing Fellowship, Spring 2016.

I was at Microsoft Research for an internship during summer 2015.

LinkedIn: my LinkedIn page.

Email: lastname AT cs.utexas.edu

Publications: My publications are in Google Scholar and my profile at the AI Lab.

Resources: A dataset of lexical entailment rules extracted from RTE dataset ( https://github.com/ibeltagy/rrr )

Academic Services: Reviewing for *SEM-2015, EMNLP-2015, ACL-2016, *SEM-2016, EMNLP-2016