Intellectually curious and solution minded student with strong interest in software and application development seeking professional experience in a Computer Science related internship for the summer of 2022.

Technical Skills and Experience

  • Programming Languages and IDEs

    Fluent in Java
    Familiar with C#, C++, Python, PHP and HTML
    Exposed to PowerShell

    Proficient with Eclipse
    Familiar with Unity, IntelliJ and command prompt

  • Coding Classes throughout high school

    1. Basic computer science class with simple various projects
    2. AP Computer Science A (aka - Intro to Programming)
    3. Curriculum alligned with data structures
    4. Research-Based Computer Science. My projects include: Java graphics game, the creation of a database with login, learning c++ and a Unity project

  • Other Programming Experience

    Competed in UIL computer science competitions throughout high school
    in 3 person teams solving various problems
    and completed individual tests over java

    ID Tech Camp - Java game development
    Code Connects, Tech Taster Camp

The Initial Spark

I gained the desire and interest to become a programmer in middle school. I learned how to use the quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations, and figured out that there was a way to create functions and run programs on a standard graphing calculator (TI-83). I researched how to create code and implement programs on my calculator in order to create a program that sovles a quadratic equation for me in the format: ax2 + bx + c = 0. At this moment, I realized that so much power is held with the lines of code, and with a computer and a functional brain I have potential to do the unimaginable.

Since this "intial spark", I have been inspired to persue and explore the various wonders of computer science. I dream of founding a tech startup or working with a team of an established company that creates innovative software that is revolutionary and groundbreaking. I plan to achieve this dream through countless small and neccesary steps: solidifying the basics, learnng a wide variety of algorithms, then finally branching out into the more specialized areas of computer science. An internship would be another necessary step for me to take in achieving this dream. It will give me more experience in computer science, but, moreover, I will be able to obtain valueable collaboration and communication skills while learning how a business runs.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who was a part in giving me an oppurtunity to expand my knowledge in computer science, so I could chase my dreams.