My name is Bowen Huang and I am a student studying Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. I love coding projects, especially related to games!

I am currently seeking a part time software engineer internship over the summer. Contact me via email: bowenhuang@utexas.edu

Graduation Date: May 2025


Programming Languages:

  • Java Proficient
  • Python Proficient
  • C Basic Knowledge
  • HTML Basic Knowledge
  • Javascript Basic Knowledge

Other Skills: Ames Stereo Pipeline, OpenSpace, Mandarin(Fluent)


Here are the projects I've made related to games!

  • Othello Bot

    Designed an AI using Python that can play the board game Othello against users competitively with adept skill. Formulated customized heuristics to compute the highest probability best square for the AI to move.

  • Minesweeper with GUI

    Developed Minesweeper with a graphical user interface using Python that allows user to set number of bombs. Implemented recursion to map out bomb squares and detect whether each square is safe.


Here are my technical and leadership experiences.

  • Paycom

    Incoming Software Engineering Engagement Intern

    May 2022 - June 2022

    Development sessions on Data Structures, Application Security, Web Development, Open Source Big Data tools. Collaborate with professional software team to gain insight into working in the software development sector.

  • American Natural History Museum Department of Astrovisualization

    Research Intern

    August 2020 - June 2021

    Created high resolution digital terrain models of the Moon to visualize planetary properties. Utilized the Ames Stereo Pipeline(ASP) software, UNIX, and OpenSpace applications to create the models. Focused on maximizing the resolution of the digital terrain models by using ASP command options.

  • Electronic Game Developers Society(EGaDS)

    Junior Officer

    October 2021 - Present

    Organized Unity development workshops and game development hackathons for promoting game development. Shadowed Unity Workshop Officer to learn more about the Workshop officer role in EGaDS.

  • HuaXia Bergen Chinese School

    Chess Instructor

    September 2019 - May 2021

    Taught classes of students, ages 7-13, fundamentals of chess including tactics and evaluation. Hosted weekly online chess tournaments for all HuaXia students on zoom from July to August 2020. Over 300 15-minute games were played over the course of 2 months with 10-15 players competing.

  • Competitve Chess

    Captain and Competitive player

    September 2017 - March 2021

    Lead the school team in rated tournaments as captain of the chess team and analyzed past games of all players. Won 3rd place in the 2019 NJ grade championship and 5th place in the NJ High School Chess Championship. Peaked in the Top 4.7% of juniors and 12% of players in the nation.