Short bio

Henry C. H. Chen received the B.Eng. in Computer Engineering and M.Phil. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2010 and 2012 respectively. He is now working towards a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Texas. He is interested in security and distributed systems.

Recent publications

  1. Henry C. H. Chen and Patrick P. C. Lee.
    Enabling Data Integrity Protection in Regenerating-Coding-Based Cloud Storage: Theory and Implementation.
    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 25(2): 407-416, Feb. 2014.
    (An earlier version appeared in IEEE SRDS 2012)
    [Main pdf] [Supplementary pdf] [FMSR-DIP project homepage]
  2. Henry C. H. Chen, Yuchong Hu, Patrick P. C. Lee, and Yang Tang.
    NCCloud: A Network-Coding-Based Storage System in a Cloud-of-Clouds.
    IEEE Transactions on Computer, 63(1): 31-44, Jan. 2014.
    (An earlier version appeared in USENIX FAST 2012)
    [pdf] [NCCloud project homepage]

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  • As teaching assistant in UT
    • CS371P Object-Oriented Programming, Fall 2014
  • As teaching assistant in CUHK
    • CSCI4430 Data Communication and Computer Networks, Spring 2012
    • CSCI3150 Introduction to Operating Systems, Fall 2011
    • CSCI4140 Open-source Software Project Development, Spring 2011
    • CSCI3150 Introduction to Operating Systems, Fall 2010


Fall 2013

  • CS 388R    Randomized Algorithms (Prof. Greg Plaxton)
  • CS 380D    Distributed Computing (Prof. Lorenzo Alvisi)

Spring 2014

  • CS 388L    Introduction to Mathematical Logic (Prof. Vladimir Lifschitz)
  • CS 396M    Advanced Networking Protocols (Prof. Simon Lam)

Fall 2014

  • CS 383C    Numerical Analysis: Linear Algebra (Prof. Robert van de Geijn)

Spring 2015

  • CS 391L    Machine Learning (Prof. Dana Ballard)

Fall 2015

  • CS 388H    Cryptography (Prof. Brent Waters)
  • EE 382V    Security at the Hardware-Software Interface (Prof. Mohit Tiwari)

Spring 2016

  • EE 381V    Large-Scale Machine Learning (Prof. Alex Dimakis)