I am Chris Hume.


I am a senior at the University of Texas, studying Computer Science. I will graduate December 2014. My passion is in design and web development. It is much more than just building a website that looks good and works well. Itís all about bringing the customer into the experience, showing them how awesome your company is and how much they need what you offer.


I work well with others. I take criticism well. I learn quickly. I love collaborating with people in order to make the best product possibly. I have a natural tendency to lead others. I also can get good, quality work done quickly. Besides that, I can program in Java, Python, HTML, CSS and have dabbled in PHP, Javascipt and C/C++. I do most the design work in Photoshop, of course. I love clean, simple and easy to use websites, so that is what my design leans towards. I also have dabbled in Wordpress and Python Django.

If you would like to see more, check out the resume.



Helped design the website, app screens, logos and icons. I programmed the site, with help from jquery plugins that I did not write. I used HTML/CSS/Jquery/Javascript/Php.

I am currently working on backend development for this app using python Django.

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