Cody Freitag

Cody Freitag


Academic Interests

I am studying math and computer science at University of Texas at Austin. I attended Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science at Univerisity of North Texas before UT. While at North Texas, I researched Computational Chemistry under Dr. Thomas Cundari. Currently, I am surveying Theoretical Computer Science literature with Dr. Greg Plaxton at UT for a possible research avenue. I am also studying compressed sensing with graduate student Soledad Villar as a part of UT's Math Distinguished Reading Program. In general, I'm interested in Algorithms, Computational Mathematics, Algebra, and Number Theory.

Non-Academic Interests

I enjoy playing N64, Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf, and Volleyball in my free time. My primary N64 games are SSB and Pokemon Puzzle League. I enjoy watching TV shows like Colbert Report, Wilfred, and South Park. I really enjoy this poster located in the back of Mr. Garrison's classroom:
Math Is... Universal
I also like watching movies and documentaries in my spare time. Movies convey stories, emotion, and knowledge much more efficiently than books. If I'm going to read a book, I'd rather it be on an academic topic that I'm interested in than fiction.


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