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Bill Clinton's Defense of Freedom - 2015

Soviet Russia is back in business, and Stalin has sent an ICBM to nuke the U.S.A. Your task is to diffuse this monstrous explosive. Requires for two players and an Oculus Rift.

Developed in Unity.

Super Dissociated Tank Disorder - 2014

In this 2v2 top down arena game, you play as Tank with identity issues. Control your friend's ability to shoot, and dominate your opponents on multiple maps!

Developed in Unity.

Conan's Candy Saga - 2014

In Conan's Candy Saga, you play as Conan, a drug addict looking for "Candy".

Developed in Unity.

Yakuza Hero.zip

Yakuza Hero - 2013

You are an Ex-Yakuza bent on revenge for the kidnapping of the children in your village. Fight Yakuza Robots in an attempt to save the ones you lost!

Developed in Unity.