My Interests

  • I'm interested in automating the transfer, collection and organization of data and software processes to help individuals reclaim their time.

  • I love reading for leisure and so that I can create things people need.

  • I'm grateful that you're reading this, it means a lot.

What I'm Currently Working On

  • Working on an automated webscraper that can be used by everyday people to find info catered to what they want.
  • Learning about regular expressions by Jeffery E. F. Friedl: Mastering Regular Expressions

My Education

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The University of Texas at Austin

Degree: B.S. in Computer Science.
Courses: Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Data Structures and Algorithms, Competitive Programming, Linear Algebra and Matrices

My Projects

Wayward Hero

Managed a Team of Programmers and programmed the game using Unity Engine and C#


A game where I produced sound effects and music in Audacity, and programmed the mechanics using Unity Engine and C#.