ITiCSE Working Group on

Support for Teaching and Learning Formal Methods

ITiCSE 2000
(Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education)

Helsinki, Finland, July 10-14, 2000

To appear: Work to create the new web-based resource (Fall 2000)

Materials generated during ITiCSE conference (look here for the final draft of the WG report)

ITiCSE 2000
Working Group #1 (thanks to Don Goelman)

When ITiCSE ends, we know Jorma'll
Review and assess (which is normal)
Though the groups were all good,
All the best in the 'hood
Were the ones with the methods so formal!

Working Documents and Contributions

Templates for reviewing software and web-based resources



Plan of action

Working Group members

Advisory Board


Pages with information about formal methods (the basis for our on-line research efforts)

The mailing list for the Formal Methods Working Group is This mailing list will be our primary means of communication.

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