Chao-Yuan Wu

I am a fifth year CS Ph.D. student at UT Austin, advised by Philipp Krähenbühl. Prior to UT Austin, I worked with Alex Smola at CMU and received my M.S. in machine learning.

My recent research focuses on video understanding. My research is supported by Facebook Fellowship.


( Google Scholar , DBLP )

Lossless Image Compression through Super-Resolution
Sheng Cao, Chao-Yuan Wu, Philipp Krähenbühl
arXiv, 2020
[paper] [code & models]

A Multigrid Method for Efficiently Training Video Models
Chao-Yuan Wu, Ross Girshick, Kaiming He, Christoph Feichtenhofer, Philipp Krähenbühl
CVPR, 2020 (Oral)
[paper] [code & models]

Fashion++: Minimal Edits for Outfit Improvement
Wei-Lin Hsiao, Isay Katsman*, Chao-Yuan Wu*, Devi Parikh, Kristen Grauman
ICCV, 2019
[paper] [code & models]
Media coverage: [Facebook AI Blog] [Vogue] [VentureBeat] [WIRED] []

Long-Term Feature Banks for Detailed Video Understanding
Chao-Yuan Wu, Christoph Feichtenhofer, Haoqi Fan, Kaiming He, Philipp Krähenbühl, Ross Girshick
CVPR, 2019 (Oral)
[paper] [code & models] [CVPR oral talk]

Video Compression through Image Interpolation
Chao-Yuan Wu, Nayan Singhal, Philipp Krähenbühl
ECCV, 2018
[paper] [details] [code & models]

Compressed Video Action Recognition
Chao-Yuan Wu, Manzil Zaheer, Hexiang Hu, R. Manmatha, Alexander J Smola, Philipp Krähenbühl
CVPR, 2018 (Spotlight)
[paper] [details] [code] [spotlight talk]

Sampling Matters in Deep Embedding Learning
Chao-Yuan Wu, R Manmatha, Alexander J Smola, Philipp Krähenbühl
ICCV, 2017
[paper] [details] [code] [code (third-party 1)] [code (third-party 2)]

Doubly Greedy Primal-Dual Coordinate Descent for Sparse Empirical Risk Minimization
Qi Lei, Ian En-Hsu Yen, Chao-Yuan Wu, Inderjit S Dhillon, Pradeep Ravikumar
ICML, 2017

Recurrent Recommender Networks
Chao-Yuan Wu, Amr Ahmed, Alex Beutel, Alexander J Smola, How Jing
WSDM, 2017

Predicting Latent Structured Intents from Shopping Queries
Chao-Yuan Wu, Amr Ahmed, Gowtham Ramani Kumar, Ritendra Datta
WWW, 2017

Joint Training of Ratings and Reviews with Recurrent Recommender Networks
Chao-Yuan Wu, Amr Ahmed, Alex Beutel, Alexander J Smola
ICLR, 2017 Workshop

Spectral Methods for Nonparametric Models
Hsiao-Yu Fish Tung, Chao-Yuan Wu, Manzil Zaheer, Alexander J Smola
arXiv preprint, 2017

Explaining reviews and ratings with PACO: Poisson Additive Co-Clustering
Chao-Yuan Wu, Alex Beutel, Amr Ahmed, Alexander J Smola
WWW, 2016 (Poster)

Using Navigation to Improve Recommendations in Real-time
Chao-Yuan Wu, Christopher V Alvino, Alexander J Smola, Justin Basilico
RecSys, 2016

Jointly Modeling Aspects, Ratings and Sentiments for Movie Recommendation (JMARS)
Qiming Diao, Minghui Qiu, Chao-Yuan Wu, Alexander J Smola, Jing Jiang, Chong Wang
KDD, 2014


Apr 7, 2020 MIT Vision Seminar "On Efficiently Modeling Videos" [video]
Jun 18, 2019 CVPR 2019 (Long Beach) "Long-Term Feature Banks for Detailed Video Understanding" [video]
Jun 20, 2018 CVPR 2018 (Salt Lake City) "Compressed Video Action Recognition" [video]
May 10, 2017 Amazon Machine Learning Conference (Seattle) "Sampling Matters in Deep Embedding Learning" [slides]
Apr 5, 2017 WWW 2017 (Perth) "Predicting Latent Structured Intents from Shopping Queries" [slides]
Feb 8, 2017 WSDM 2017 (Cambridge, UK) "Recurrent Recommender Networks" [slides]
Sep 18, 2016 RecSys 2016 (Boston) "Using Navigation to Improve Recommendations in Real-time" [video]
Jul 28, 2015 Quora Inc. (Mountain View) "Joint Modeling of Ratings and Reviews" [slides]
Oct 17, 2014 Netflix Inc. (Los Gatos) "Joint Modeling of Movie Ratings and Reviews & Spectral Methods" [slides]
Oct 20, 2014 Google Inc. (Mountain View) "Spectral Methods for HDP & Jointly Modeling for Movie Recommendation" [slides]
Aug 29, 2014 UIUC CS591 Seminar (Champaign) "Jointly Modeling Aspects, Ratings and Sentiments for Recommendation" [slides]
Aug 26, 2014 KDD 2014 (New York) "Jointly Modeling Aspects, Ratings and Sentiments for Movie Recommendation" [video]


May 2018-Aug 2018

Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

Research InternResearch in video understanding.
Sep 2016-Dec 2017


Applied Scientist InternResearch in computer vision.
May-Aug 2016


Research InternResearch in query modeling.
Jan-Aug 2015


Research InternResearch in recommender systems.

Taiwan Army

Chief Counselor
Summer 2011


Software Engineering Intern
Summer 2010


Software Engineering Intern


Facebook Fellowship, 2019-2021
Graduate Dean's Prestigious Fellowship Supplement Fellow, 2019
NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Finalist, 2019-2020
CVPR Outstanding Reviewer Award, 2019


I co-created CS 342 Neural networks (2019) and the online CS 395T Deep Learning (2019) class with Philipp.

Professional Service

Journal Reviewer: TPAMI, TIP, TMM
Reviewer: NeurIPS 2019
Reviewer: CVPR 2018, 2019, 2020
Reviewer: ICLR 2019, 2020
Reviewer: ICCV 2019
Reviewer: ECCV 2018, 2020
Reviewer: ACCV 2018
PC member: WWW 2018


Email: cywu at cs dot utexas dot edu