Daniel Cai

Computer Science Student | Software Engineer

About Me

I am a undergraduate computer science student at the University of Texas at Austin who enjoys learning about all things computer science related. I've worked with many different languages such as Java, Python, and Javascript in a variety of unique projects. I love spending time optimizing the details of my code and working in teams where I am able to rely on my peers to learn faster and work more efficiently. I am excited for what the future holds and am always willing to take up a new challenge.


Workout Planner

Created an app that lets users plan and track workouts while also storing them in a database for later use.

Technologies Used: Python, SQL

Personal Website

Created a personal website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Technologies Used: Javascript, HTML, CSS

Discord Bot

Programmed a discord bot that responds to user messages and stored user and server information in a database.

Technologies Used: Javascript, Node.js, Discord.js, SQL

Huffman Encoder/Decoder

Data structure class project that utilized priority queues and binary trees to encode common characters of text files with fewer bits.

Technologies Used: Java