Daehyun Kyoung

Pursuing Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
at University of Texas at Austin
Planned graduaiton date: May 2023

Work Experience

UT Applied Research Laboratories

Research intern for NECTAR program at ARL. Analyzed data collected from honeypots with Python. Utilized network graph analysis and modularity-based community detection to identify groups of coordinated attackers

UT FRI Summer Fellowship

Worked on UT’s Building Wide Intelligence project. Focus on interaction between multiple robots that navigate autonomously. Results were published on CoRL 2020 conference.

Diapente Capital

Online intern for Diapente Capital search fund. Prospected hundreds of small to medium business owners for potential acquisition. Identified promising industry vertical in industrial and commercial software development.


FRI neural network project

Neural network to solve a task of finding shortest path in a simulated 2D environment. Uses Procgen for the simulation environment, Pytorch for the neural network. Convolutional neural network to to map the image of the environment into a grid representation and DQN for the reinforcement learning of the policy.

Hurricane Hero

Web service that uses machine learning to Identify areas with flooding damage after hurricanes to help direct the rescue and recovery efforts. Uses Microsoft Azure Custom Vision to classify aerial imagery. Created with React JS frontend and Python Flask backend

Anti-Cyberbullying promotional website

promotional webpage for anti-cyberbullying campaign for KleinHacks Hackathon. Built with HTML5 and CSS. Received a positive recognition from Microsoft, one of the sponsors for the KleinHacks

Relevant Coursework

Major: Computer Science
GPA: 3.9041 overall, 3.7991 major

Data Structures

Fall 2019

Discrete Math for
Computer Science

Fall 2019

Computer Architecture

Spring 2020

FRI Robot Learning

Spring 2020 ~ Fall 2020

Principles of Computer Systems

Fall 2020

Programming for Correctness and Performance

Spring 2021







6 months of experience


6 months of experience


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