About Me

Hi, I'm a student at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in Computer Science. I am a full stack developer for web and app development, creating innovative and useful products, and have an interest in Systems and Cybersecurity as well. Outside of classes, I have been involved in Texas Convergent, a club that focuses on the intersection between technolgy and innovation, and I serve as a Nell Dale mentor in Women in Computer Science, an empowering community for women in the tech field.

When I am not coding, you can find me tutoring kids in STEM, staying active by playing Tennis, making new Spotify playlists, looking for new places to eat, and spending time with friends and family.


Projects and Experience

FRI: Autonomous Intelligent Robots

Furthered the research and created an optimized search algorithm for the "Scavenger Hunt" problem, where robots detect the location of objects efficiently in a dynamic environment based on provided probability models.

Research Paper


Developed Android app “SleepSafe” which senses if the user is having a seizure in their sleep and can alert emergency services based on net change in motion. Used Arduino, Python, and Flask.

QuickPick: Food & Fun

Created and developed an iOS app that lets users choose constraints to be given a random restaurant to eat from or an indoor/outdoor activity to do in a chosen area. Used Swift/UIKit and Yelp Fusion API.

Girls Who Code Mentor

Mentored young girls in an after school club and taught the basics of coding through Scratch, Python, and UI/UX. Worked to create a creative project each year and received recognition from the national chapter of club.

Coming Soon: Playlist Maker

Working on a Chrome extension that would take all of your liked songs on Youtube and automatically place the song in a playlist in Spotify using both Youtube and Spotify's APIs.



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