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Stuff to remember in html

  1. !DOCTYPE html
  2. title = what the name of the tab will be
  3. paragraph = p whatever u want /p
  4. h1 --> hx = large text ---> small text
  5. link images: < img src = "Hyperlink"/>
  6. Hyperlinks: (carrot) a href = "Hyperlink"/> Name of what you want hyperlink to be (carrot)/a(carrot)
  7. Making an ordered list like this one: list must be enclosed in (carrot)ol and /ol (carrot) (Hence ORDERED LIST) then inside that each bullet = (carrot)li(carrot) whatever u want to say (carrot)/li(carrot)
  8. Making an UNORDERED LIST (bullet points) = same thing as 7 just use ul and /ul instead of ol
  9. You can nest these lists to have a numbered list with bullets. ol --> li whatever u want to number --> ul ---> li ---> bullet 1.. then close it all or keep going.
  10. To write a comment: (carrot)!-- Whatever I want to say --(carrot)
  11. To change the font size to a specific font: (carrot)p(NO CARROT) style="font-size: size u wantpx"> Then this font will change and then close the paragraph or whatever with (carrot)/p(carrot)
  12. To change the font color do the same as font size just put whatever color you want instead of size. You still use the style atribute. You can also do this concurrently.