Thriving in Our Digital World

Changing the face of computer science through project-based K-12 education

  • Computer Science

    Computer science permeates our digital world and supports a variety of professions. This college-level course exposes students to the big ideas in computer science that cross disciplinary boundaries. Our inquiry-based, student-centered instruction engages diverse student populations with computer science content that is both rigorous and relevant to their lives.

  • Project-Based Learning

    Thriving in Our Digital World draws on a student-centered, project-based pedagogical model. Each modular unit is built on an authentic problem or scenario, framed using engaging multimedia and narratives. Both versions of the course offer curricular and support materials designed to enable teachers to be successful using a project-based approach.

  • College Credit

    There are now two ways for students to get college credit for our course. First, students can get credit at any public Texas college for CS302-- Computer Fluency, which is offered at the state's flagship school, The University of Texas at Austin. Second, we are developing a new version that will prepare students to take the upcoming AP CS Principles exam.

  • Learning Technologies

    Effective technology integration can amplify and transform classroom practices. The duel enrollment version of this course supports teaching and learning with a variety of digital technologies, including general (e.g., Google Apps and Canvas, a Learning Management System), flexible (e.g., wiki authoring and multimedia creation tools), and content-specific tools (e.g., Java applets that illustrate abstraction).

The course is currently offered as a dual enrollment course through Onramps. The AP version of the course is under development and will be available in the Fall of 2016. Find out more:

Offered by UT OnRamps

Advanced Placement
Offered by UTeach