Eunsol Choi

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Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UT Austin, UT-NLP group

Austin, TX, USA
Office: GDC 3.810

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I am an assistant professor at the computer science department at UT-Austin. My research area is natural language processing -- I build machine learning models and datasets to help computers understand human language. Recently, I have focused on extracting and querying information from unstructured text and knowledgebases. Before UT-Austin, I spent a year at Google AI in NYC as a visiting faculty researcher. Prior to that, I was a Ph.D. student at UW.

Here are few broad areas that I am interested in at the moment. To get a real sense of what I am up to, please look at my publication page.
  • Question answering: How can we build efficient and robust methods for question answering? How can we exploit diverse sources of information? Can we provide faithful and/or useful rationale for model's predictions? How should we present answers?
  • Language understanding in context: How can we understand text in a rich conversational, social, temporal, geographical, multimodal context?
  • Multilinguality: Can we bring advances in English NLP to other languages? How can we efficiently build datasets and models to enable such transfers?
  • Interactive/Continual Learning: How can we improve NLP model after initial development? How can we exploit user feedback and/or newer knowledge sources?
  • Personal

    Korean version: [] Easier version: []
    My name (은솔) means soft, persistent love in ancient Korean (or at least my father claims so).
    I started my NLP journey at Cornell as an undergraduate with Lillian Lee.