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Hi there! I'm Gargi, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Computer Science. I am especially passionate about building innovative products and solving interesting challenges using software! I love exploring new fields, and I'm excited by the prospect of a new challenge that offers an opportunity to learn something new! The interesection of technology and the human experience is especially intriguing to me, and I want to utilize both to design creative user experiences in customer facing products.

In my free time, I enjoy trying out new recipes, listening to music, and finding the best skincare routine!



A mobile app to help physicians connect with one another based on their speciality and facilitate communication between medical professionals amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Store Finder

A program that determines the best store for a customer to shop at based on availbility of the items they want to purchase, the distance to the store, and pricing of items using a database of stores inventories.

Article Summarizer

A program in Java to shorten long and complex sentences from news articles using NLP libraries to provide short summaries of the article which are easier to read for users.