Hangchen Yu @ UTCS

Computer Science Department
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

Email: hyu AT cs DOT utexas DOT edu


I am working with Chris J. Rossbach on fundamental and practical virtualization problems. My previous and current researches and project experience cross different boundaries: from electronics to computer science; from stand-alone server to cloud services; from user-space to kernel-space; from virtual machine to hypervisor; from compiler to software system.

Recent News


Publication and project

  1. Hangchen Yu, Arthur M. Peters, Amogh Akshintala, Christopher J. Rossbach: AvA: Accelerated Virtualization of Accelerators, ASPLOS’20, Mar 2020. [PDF][POSTER(IAP’19 Best Poster Award)][DOI]
  2. Amogh Akshintala*, Hangchen Yu*, Arthur M. Peters, Christopher J. Rossbach: Trillium: The code is the IR, VIRT’19, July 2019. [PDF]
  3. Hangchen Yu, Arthur M. Peters, Amogh Akshintala, Christopher J. Rossbach: Automatic Virtualization of Accelerators, HotOS’19, May 2019. [PDF][POSTER(OSDI’18)][DOI]
  4. Hangchen Yu, Christopher J. Rossbach: Full Virtualization for GPUs Reconsidered, WDDD’17, July 2017. [PDF]
  5. Youngjin Kwon, Hangchen Yu, Simon Peter, Christopher J. Rossbach, Emmett Witchel: Coordinated and Efficient Huge Page Management with Ingens, OSDI’16, Nov. 2016. [PDF][POSTER]

>> Read more: [~/publication] (full list and talk slides) [Google Scholar] (citations)


Engineering Intern @ Katana Graph
May 2020 - July 2020 Austin, TX

Research Intern @ Microsoft Research
May 2018 – Aug 2018 Redmond, Washington

Performance Engineering Intern @ VMware
May 2017 – Aug 2017 Palo Alto, California

Software Engineer Intern @ Google
May 2016 – Aug 2016 Madison, Wisconsin

Software Developer Intern @ GitCafe (a GitHub-alike company)
Dec 2014 – Jun 2015 Shanghai, China