Current Projects for Data Mining (CS395T)

Resources on the Web (Please contribute any URLs containg codes useful for your projects)

Web Crawling

  • Web Crawler and Search Engine by Ma Yanhui, Qin Xiangjun, Yancong Zhou
  • Web Crawling by Xu Sam Wang and Ji. Qiu
  • Focused Web Crawling + Search Engine by Michael Premana
  • Web-page Clustering Incorporating PageRank by Adrian Agogino and Alexander Strehl
  • Focussed Crawling by Ravi Krishna Kolluri, Neeraj Mittal, Ramkrishna P. Venkatachalam, and Naga Widjaja
  • Focussed Crawling by Xiaoyu Zhang, Ping Wang, Wei Zhao, and Bo Xiao
  • Clustering/Graph Partitioning

  • Clustering for query retreival: Muralidhar Narsimhan
  • Clustering with Concept Vecotrs by Yuqiang Guan, Shulin Ni, and Fengfeng Tu
  • Clustering of RNA Sequences: Zhidi Shang
  • Fast K-Median clustering by Ramgopal Mettu
  • Spectral Graph Partitioning: Hyuk Cho
  • Newsgroup/E-mails Mining

  • Newsgroup Data Mining: Clustering and Search Engine by Weijiang Yu, Fang Xie, Nan Lin, and Qi Richard Gu
  • Newsgroup Mining by Steven Farago
  • E-Mail Clustering Classification by Shaofeng Zhu, Xiangfei Zhu, Wenzhi Lai, and Huaibin Zhao
  • Others

  • Creating Sparse Matrix efficiently by James Junmin Fan
  • DM of Flourescence EEM of the Cervix: Sung Keun Chang and Sang Hoon Oh
  • Face Recognition by Suresh Subbiah and Kevin Ng