Jason's Minimalist Webspace

This place will undergo a massive overhaul soon.

About me

Hi, my name is Jason Palacios and I am currently a sophomore studying computer science at UT Austin.
I love anything having to do with programming and engage in activities that give me headaches, such as reverse engineering video games.
I also enjoy a good amount of sports (excluding football -- I never was a big guy) such as soccer, ping-pong, and tennis.
That being said, here's my resume: PDF (last updated 1-30-2015)

Also, check out my GitHub!

What is this place?

First and foremost, I am using this webspace as a place to store projects and files that I release to the public.
Secondly, potential employers can come here to see what all I've worked on and hopefully gauge my potential.

Website content

ProgrammingPrograms that I've written and their source.
ModdingFrom ASM/C hacks, to small text edits! Beware, most things are for Zelda 64.
ResearchUndergraduate research at UT.
SchoolNotes for sharing among classmates or small assignments that I found particularly interesting.
BlogReserved for personal thoughts, conversations, and/or general updates.