Jonathan Browne at UT

About Me

Hi! I’m Jonathan Browne. I’m a proficient computer programmer and video game enthusiast, and will be studying computer science at the University of Texas at Austin starting in the fall of 2019. Since the age of 7, I have written programs in many programming languages, such as Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Groovy, Kotlin, and Lua.

I am most known for my work on Sponge, a plugin API for the video game Minecraft, where I go by the username JBYoshi. I have contributed to Sponge since June 2015, and became a core developer in July 2017. I continue to be involved with Sponge to this day.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games like Screeps, researching new and emerging technologies like encryption, VR, and artificial intelligence, or making music on the clarinet and saxaphone.

I try to be helpful and ethical wherever I can. While I do not follow these standards 100% of the time, I am open to constructive criticism of both code and behavior.

“…if you see something wrong and do nothing about it, the opensource system hasnt failed you, you have failed the opensource system.” - Cameron Riley, Apache Jakarta