Jia Chen

Office: GDC 5.438F, Univeristy of Texas at Austin



I am a second-year Ph.D student studying in Department of Computer Science at University of Texas at Austin.

I got my bachelor's degree at Nanjing University and graduate from there in Summer 2012.


I do research in static program analysis.

My current research focus on precise, scalable and adaptive methods for doing pointer analysis so that the data dependencies in the analyzed program can be better explored. This will enable us perform many interesting client analysis (such as program optimization, bug detection and security checks, etc.) more efficiently. I am also interested in techniques from other related areas, especially programming language, architecture and operating system.

My supervisor is Professor Calvin Lin.

Teaching Activities

  • In Spring 2012, I was a TA for the course Computer Organization and Architecture (Honor class) here at UT Austin.

  • I was a TA for the course Element of Computer Programming in Fall 2012 here at UT Austin. Check out the video I have made that introducing hardwares to students.

  • I was a Teaching Assistant for the course Principle and Techniques of Compiler in Spring 2012 at Nanjing University. The course was taught by Associate Professor Chang Xu. Concretely, I was responsible for designing a new set of experiments as well as giving some lectures about how to write a mini compiler. The objective of our experiment was to translate the source code into MIPS code, which could be tested using SPIM simulator.
    Here is our course homepage. I am considering re-construct most of the course material for next year. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions about the course.

Projects and Internship

  • 2013 Tunable Pointer Analysis
  • 2011 iBubbleBall Project
    A tiny game project that resembles the famous BubbleBall game on iOS. I was the leader of our development team which contained only six students. Click here for a short game trailer(on Youtube).
  • 2010 Universal Sound Project
    In this demo project, several wireless sensors are used to construct a virtual piano, whose sound can be received by the cellular network, the FM radio network as well as the Internet. My works are to write functional codes for the photo-sensors used in the project.
  • 2010 RFID platform technology for Shenzhen-Hong Kong food safety and supply chain management
    I participated in ths project during my internship at Department of Logistics management, Tsinghua University. I was responsible for developing a subsystem for sending SMS to the mobile phones of the end users.

Awards and Honors

  • 2011 Samsung Scholarship by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
  • 2010 National Scholarship by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance of the P.R.China
  • 2009 ACM/ICPC Invitational Programming Contest Ningbo Site Silver medal
  • 2009 ACM/ICPC Regional Programming Contest Hefei Site Bronze medal
  • 2009 ACM/ICPC Regional Programming Contest Wuhan Site Bronze medal


  • Programming Language Skills
    C, C++, Java, Python
    Scala, Haskell, SML
  • Domain Specific Language
    Matlab, LLVM, Verilog HDL, SQL
  • Assembly Language
    x86/64, MIPS, ARM
  • OS
    Linux, MacOS, Windows
  • Personal
    • I love playing video games. Action game (ACT) is my favorite genre, and my favorite franchise is Devil May Cry.
    • I regularly work out and play basketball at Gregory Gym.

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