Jeriah Yu's Home Page

Greetings! I want to make sure you are in the right place. "Jeriah Yu" is a very commonly confused name. I am not Jeremiah (that's my cousin; family dinners can get confusing occasionally), nor am I related to any of the other "Yu" T CS students listed here. I am not this college student. And I am not the fictional "Toad Sage" character from the manga series Naruto. I am a student at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in computer science (and eventually math), and a Student Technician (nonacademic title: higher salary, but my work is pretty much fully academic) conducting machine learning research on underwater acoustics at ARL:UT.
I compete in CTFs (hacking competitions: break-an-app hacking, less so make-an-app hackathon hacking) with DiceGang. Somewhat competent with crypto (cryptography, not cryptocurrency), reverse engineering, and forensics (read: guessy) challenges.
I am part of the LRA (rocketry) Electronics team. We make sure pointy end's up and flamey end's down. Flight computer test launch
I am a Tech Committee Coordinator for ATX Science Olympiad. We work on technical projects for the organization. Like designing scoring systems, developing scoring systems, debugging scoring systems, and redesigning scoring systems. Such is the life cycle of development.

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