Jeriah Yu's Home Page

Greetings! I want to make sure you are in the right place. "Jeriah Yu" is a very commonly confused name. I am not Jeremiah (that's my cousin; extended family dinners can get confusing), nor am I a basketball player. I am not this college student. And I am not the fictional "Toad Sage" character from the manga series Naruto. I am a computer science Turing Scholar at the University of Texas at Austin double-majoring in mathematics.

Currently I am:
- a Student Technician working on underwater acoustics (and possibly quantum) research at ARL:UT in the Signal and Information Sciences Laboratory.
- a Capture-the-Flag/CTF (hacking competitions: break-an-app hacking, not make-an-app hacking) player with DiceGang (2nd US, 5th globally, DEFCON 29 and Hack-a-Sat 2 finalist 2021). Fun fact, I created the satirical term Admin-Sourced Strategic Intelligence (aka ASSINT) for those people (including me) who spam organizers with questions.
- an ISSS Engineering Officer. I do CTF things there too, like developing challenges and hosting UTCTF (and smaller biweekly ones, too). This entails being on call for 16 continuous hours over Spring break answering DMs and restarting challenges in Docker.
- the Longhorn Rocketry Association Electronics Lead. We design, build, develop, and integrate flight computers for rockets and try to keep the pointy end up and flamy end down. Second stage abort at SAC 2022 (with music)
- a Tech Committee Coordinator for ATX Science Olympiad. Besides helping run tournaments, we work on technical projects for the organization. Like designing, developing, debugging, discussing, deciphering, discerning, destroying, and redesigning scoring and user systems on multiple (incompatible) platforms. Such is the life cycle of software engineering.
- part of the moderating community team for the UT CS 25 Discord server. We're constantly working to make it more welcoming and inclusive while preserving academic integrity and also respecting free expression; it's a job that guarantees someone is always angry. More info here.
- forgetting everyone's names and calling them "Finn N", where N is an element of the natural numbers.

Previously I was:
- a Vulnerability Research Intern at Raytheon Intelligence and Space Cyber Offense and Defense Experts (CODEX), reading a lot of assembly, attempting to find bugs, and bonding with the other interns at 2AM trying to figure out where all the SIGILLs are coming from (it was cache incoherency).

Discord: jyu#7186