Joseph Reisinger
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I'm a PhD candidate in Computer Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. My advisor is Ray Mooney. I'm currently supported by the Google PhD Fellowship in Natural Language Processing. I spent a wonderful 2 years as co-mastermind of FAI.

I'm currently in the Bay area. Let's collaborate on something!

Research Interests

I'm interested primarily in models of latent combinatorial structure in unlabeled data; particularly inferring semantic information automatically. My previous home was in theoretical evolutionary biology where I studied evolvability under randomized search schemes (here is a recent review).

My thesis is on Cross-cutting models of distributional lexical semantics. Current projects are: subspace clustering, parselets, and cross-cultural concept organization.


I'm fascinated by inefficient markets; 日本語も昔から趣味だけど、中国語だとまだ「我是美国人!」ぐらい。

joseph reisinger

vowpal_porpoise -- Lightweight python wrapper for vowpal_wabbit.

dist_lda -- Lightweight python implementation of a distributed, collapsed gibbs sampler for LDA. Uses redis to coordinate multiple nodes

Latent Variable Modeling Toolkit -- Collection of Gibbs samplers for Multinomial-Dirichlet latent variable models including DPMM, LDA, hLDA, tiered clustering, and cross-cutting categorization.

Spherical Admixture Model -- MATLAB code for a spherically embedded (L2-normalized) topic model; developed by Austin Waters.
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Lexical Semantics

Cross-Cutting Models of Lexical Semantics, with Ray Mooney EMNLP-2011.
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Fine-Grained Class Label Markup of Search Queries, with Marius Pasca. ACL-2011.
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A Mixture Model with Sharing for Lexical Semantics, with Ray Mooney. EMNLP-2010.
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Multi-Prototype Vector-Space Models of Word Meaning, with Ray Mooney. NAACL-2010.
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Information Extraction

Latent Variable Models of Concept-Attribute Attachment, with Marius Pasca. ACL-2009.
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Bootstrapped Extraction of Class Attributes, with Marius Pasca. WWW-2009.
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Weakly-Supervised Acquisition of Labeled Class Instances using Graph Random Walks.
Partha Pratim Talukdar, Joseph Reisinger, Marius Pasca, Deepak Ravichandran, Rahul Bhagat and Fernando Pereira. EMNLP-2008.
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Machine Learning / Empirical Auctions

Pricing Externalities in Real-Time Bidding Markets , with Michael Driscoll. NIPS-MLOAD-2010.

Spherical Topic Models, with Austin Waters, Bryan Silverthorn and Ray Mooney. ICML-2010.
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Online Kernel Selection for Bayesian Reinforcement Learning, with Peter Stone and Risto Miikkulainen. ICML-2008.
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Evolvability / Evolutionary Capacitance

Acquiring Evolvability through Adaptive Representations, with Risto Miikkulainen. GECCO-2007.Best Paper Award
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attributes in wordnet
search queries with class label markup
local topic trending