Jeffrey Xie's Website

Contacts: jxie0615{At}gmail{DOT}com | github{DOT}com/jeffreyxie0615

I'm a computer science student at the University of Texas at Austin. As you can probably tell, this site is still in development, but I was hoping to turn this page into a place where I can post about my experiences transitioning to Arch Linux and let others see how amazing this distributioni really is. A lot of the credit here goes to a good friend of mine who was the one who introduced me to this distribution. Without him, I would probably still be running Windows :-(

Feel free to contact me through any of the links above if you have any questions or recommendations regarding this Arch Linux build or anything else that comes to mind.

Follow any of the below links to access my installation of Arch Linux.


  1. RTFM
  2. If you don't do ^^ and ask for help, you're going to be told to do that in a much less pleasant way.
  3. Try reading through my "Errors I Encountered During My Installation Of Arch Linux" page to see if I've encountered any similar errors. Chances are that I have.
  4. Some things just don't work yet. If you've tried literally everything, then you might want to try a different version of the same package or pull it from a different source.
  5. Oftentimes, errors are caused by some stupid error, and you're probably debugging at too high of a level.
  6. Install it in a Virtual Machine first to test if certain features will work on your hardware. However, based on my experience, VirtualBox doesn't really offer support for bluetooth or video. Some errors encountered may be due to VirtualBox acting stupid.
  7. If no one has answered a question or error you're encountering, good luck! Maybe try referring back to (IV)???
  8. RTFM