Jiacheng Zhuo

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Ph.D. student

Computer Science Department

University of Texas at Austin

Advisor: Constantine Caramanis

Find me: jzhuo at utexas dot edu


Jiacheng is a Computer Science Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Austin, working with professor Constantine Caramanis.

He is interested in optimization and statistics, and their applications in Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and so on.

Recent research focus: The robustness of the Conditional Gradient Method (also known as the Frank Wolfe algorithms).

In the summer of 2017, he graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a bachelor's degree of Computer Science (the First Class Honour) and a minor in Statistics.


Communication-Efficient Asynchronous Stochastic Frank-Wolfe over Nuclear-norm Balls

Jiacheng Zhuo, Qi Lei, Alexandros G Dimakis, Constantine Caramanis.


Primal-Dual Block Frank-Wolfe

(∗Both authors contributed equally.) Qi Lei*, Jiacheng Zhuo*, Constantine Caramanis, Inderjit S Dhillon, Alexandros G Dimakis.

NeurIPS 2019

K-Best Transformation Synchronization

(∗Both authors contributed equally.) Yifan Sun*, Jiacheng Zhuo*, Arnav Mohan, Qixing Hunag.

ICCV 2019

Weaving Geodesic Foliations

Josh Vekhter, Jiacheng Zhuo, Luisa F Gil Fandino, Qixing Huang and Etienne Vouga.

ACM Transaction on Graphics 38(4) (Proc. Siggraph 2019)

Bottom-up Object Detection by Grouping Extreme and Center Points

Xingyi Zhou, Jiacheng Zhuo, Philipp Kraehenbuehl.

CVPR 2019


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Large Scale Optimization (professor Constantine Caramanis) 2019 Jan - 2019 May

Data Visualization (professor Philip Cannata) 2018 Jan - 2018 May

Data Analytics (professor Philip Cannata) 2017 Sep - 2018 Jan

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Dell Technology, Round Rock TX;

Intern 2019 Jun - 2019 Aug

Black box optimization with applications to design of experiments.

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Sparkcognition, Austin TX;

Intern 2018 May - 2018 Aug

Small object detection and object detection under aerial view.