Kayvon Farzaneh

My name is Kayvon Farzaneh, I am a Senior at The University of Texas at Austin. I am majoring in Computer Science with Certificates in Business Foundations and InfoSec

I will be graduating in the summer of 2015 and am looking for full-time employment.

-TD 301 (Introduction to Theatre)

-UGS 302 (Usability & User-Centerd Design)

-RHE 306 (Rhetoric and Writing)

-M 408N (Differential Calculus), M 408S (Integral Calculus), M 408M (Multivariable Calculus), SSC321

-GEO 401(Physcial Geology)

-ACC 310F(foundations of Accounting)

-CS 301K, CS 312, CS 313k, CS 314, CS 429, CS439, CS361, CS361s, CS371p, CS371r,

-HIS 314K, HIS 315

-E 316K

I am fluent in Java, have experience in C and C++, and have little experienc with HTML, JavaScript, and Python. I am most comfortable in Java and C++.

During the Summer of 2012 and 2013, I worked at Two Rivers Water Reclamation Authority as an Intern under

Dennis J. Galvin, P.E.

Engineering Manager

and under

Gregory Seaman

Operations Manager

During the Summer of 2014, I worked at JPMorgan as a Summer Technology Analyst Intern (Application Developer) in the Corporate Investment Bank on the Investors Serivces QA Automation Team.

I worked under Manish Tripathi and Joseph Lopez.

For those without access to an IDE here is a zip file with my source code and files for my Tower Defense Game as well as a screenshot of one of the layouts

Tower Defense.zip Tower Defense image

I am currently working on a multi-game card game (blackjack, poker, etc.). That is on my GitHub page.