Kenneth "Colby" Knox | 817-247-5537 | Austin, TX


About Me:

I am an upcoming Junior at the University of Texas at Austin studying computer science.

I am from Aledo (Fort Worth), Texas.

I am currently working as a computer science instructor for Juni Learning where I teach K-12 students how to code.

One of the main reasons I am interested in computer science is because I really enjoy helping people. I believe computer science can provide people with an infinite number of things that can make their lives better.

Programming Languages:

Java - Expert

C - Proficient

Python - Proficient


Huffman Coding: Wrote the Huffman encoding and decoding algorithm used to compress and decompress large files. - Java.

Memory Management: Wrote a program that simulated the way memory is stored using memory blocks in a cache. - C.

Pipe-Cache: Developed a program which recreated both the PIPE and CACHE aspects of the Y86-64 assembler. - C