311- Mathematics for Computer Science

Instructor: Adam Klivans

We are using Quest!

Quest is a website developed by the College of Natural Sciences that hosts all of the videos we will be using for this "flipped" course. Before each lecture, you will watch typically 2-3 videos and take a quiz. In class, we will work as many practice problems as possible. Frequently, we will break up into groups to solve these problems with hints from me (the instructor) and the TAs. The idea is for you to absorb background material on your own, so we can do more fun things (like problem solving) during class.

Course Calendar


When is Homework so-and-so due? Was there Homework handed out?

Answer: Please see the Google Calendar. The Calendar shows when homeworks were handed out, when they are due, etc.

When is Exam so-and-so?

Answer: Please see the Google calendar. If it's not there, it means I haven't scheduled it yet. I will be sure to give everyone plenty of notice before exams.

Is there a quiz or a video I need to watch?

Answer: Go to quest.cns.utexas.edu. The website will tell you about upcoming modules/quizzes that are due. Typically, there is a set of videos and quiz due at 2pm before every lecture.

Links to Additional Reading Material

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction.

Additional Notes

Course material may vary depending on student interest.