Mobile Device Based Tracking: Technology & Applications

NSF Project CNS #1718585


Accurate tracking is essential to many applications, including controlling video gaming, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Smart Appliances. Motivated by these applications, this project aims to develop accurate, fast, and robust motion tracking algorithms and apply it to enable new applications, such as imaging, follow-me drones, and user interfaces. 

We develop novel audio based tracking. Audio based tracking is attractive due to its slow propagation speed, which makes it possible to achieve high accuracy. Moreover, it can be easily generated and received by the speakers and microphones, which are already available. In addition, it penetrates through obstacles and works without line-of-sight and under different lighting conditions. Our technology not only allows us to track a mobile device in real time, but also uses reflected signals to track movement without any device.

The goal of the proposed research includes:

-        Design algorithms and systems to track motion

-        Develop applications that can leverage the motion

-        Incorporate the research outcome in curriculum and outreach.


        Prof. Lili Qiu

        Wenguang Mao

        Swadhin Pradhan

        Wei Sun

        Mei Wang



Talk at IoT Seminar at MIT Fall 2020

Talk at RICE, Fall 2020.

- Talk at Texas A&M, 2019

Talk at UW, 2018

Talk at SIGMOBILE China, 2017

Talk at Women Doing Math, 2017

- Talks at various companies and other venues, including Bose, Cisco, Microsoft, Samsung, CES, SXSW.