My name is Martin Nguyen, and I am a sophomore studying computer science at the University of Texas at Austin.


  • The University of Texas at Austin

    Class of 2023
    BS in Computer Science
    Minor in Business
    Relevant Courses:
    Data Structures; Discrete Math; Sequences, Series, and Multivariable Calculus; Matrices and Matrix Calculations; Computer Organization and Architecture

  • Cypress Lakes High School

    Class of 2019
    Rank: 3/913
    GPA : 6.76/6.00


  • Room Sign Generator

    ATX Science Olympiad
    Automated the process of creating room signs to display events and times for each room for Science Olympiad tournaments by utlizing Apps Script, eliminating the need to do it by hand.

  • Science Olympiad Scoring System Sheets-Based

    ATX Science Olympiad
    An ongoing attempt to convert the current scoring sheet which is Excel with Visual Basic to Sheets with Apps Script in order to allow simultaneous and rapid scoring from event supervisors, reducing time to collect and input scores.


Some hobbies that I like to dabble in my free time.

  • Speed Typing

    People should know how to type relatively quick, and computer science students are no exception. I can now type on average around 150 wpm, although the journey to get to that speed is not as simple as you think.

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  • Music

    Playing the piano is one of my passions and allows me to show others my creativity through the sound of music. I am also taking cello lessons as well. Perhaps some of my future projects will focus around music.

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